FAQ on Pawn A Boat | Loan against Boat North East

Pawn A Boat North East Frequently Asked Questions.

Can you guarantee that my boat will be safe and secure if I decide to make a loan against it?

Yes, your boat will always be protected and secure when it’s with us. We store all customer boats in a highly secure controlled areas with 24/7 man and dog protection and supervision by highly reputable security companies.

Do you do credit checks or income checks?

No, we do not do credit checks when you apply to pawn your boat with us. We do request at least 3 months income bank statement in order to ensure that you will be able to make repayments without any financial strain. We do not report any information we may find out about you to credit agencies, your boat loan is kept confidential and acts simply as a security for the cash we give you.

After my loan application is approved, how thereafter will it take to get the money into my account?

Once we have approved your boat pawn application, the amount requested will be deposited into your account within minutes of accepting the amount you have requested. We do not delay when getting you the cash you need.

Are there any penalties for late repayments?

Yes, although there is a 5 day grace period which does not incur any late fee penalties. If you think your repayments will be late for any given month, get in touch with us and make arrangements accordingly to avoid any disruptions in services.

I want to pawn my boat, what do I need to apply?

In order to pawn your boat you will require the following:

  • Proof of Ownership of The Boat and The Boat
  • Personal Identity Documents
  • Loan Amount